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Trump “Shadow Move” Of General Michael Flynn To Feared Spy Agency Rattles Russia!!!

An intriguing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is expressing “multi-level” concerns after President Donald Trump abruptly “shadow moved” [обман] his National Security Director, General Michael Flynn, from the White House to the most powerful, and secretive, American spy agency known as the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)—and that occurred exactly 7 hours after General Flynn personally directed the US Department Of The Treasury to place immediate sanctions on Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami and his associate Samark José López Bello for them being international drug traffickers linked to the CIA, Islamic radicals and the Clinton Crime Family. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


According to this report, nearly immediately upon President Trump taking power on 20 January, General Flynn, in his position as National Security Director, tasked one of the US militaries most secretive undercover intelligence officers, named Robin Townley [the SVR states this name is "not true” and there exists no photos or public information about this "operative”] to begin an investigation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and this spy organizations links to international drug cartels.

One of the first “discoveries” made about the CIA’s involvement with international drug trafficking by US military intelligence operative Robin Townley, this report continues, was this spy agencies frequent use of an aircraft identified as a 2006 Israel Aircraft Industries Gulfstream 200 (tail number N200VR) owned by a company named 200G PSA Holdings LLC in Miami, Florida—and that, in turn, is owned by Samark José López Bello, and that General Flynn, yesterday, ordered immediately captured, and as stated in the US sanction order:

Five U.S. companies owned or controlled by Lopez Bello and/or MFAA Holdings Limited have also been blocked as part of today’s action. These entities are the following limited liability companies registered in Florida: 1425 Brickell Ave 63-F LLC; 1425 Brickell Avenue Unit 46B, LLC; 1425 Brickell Avenue 64E, LLC; Agusta Grand I LLC; and 200G PSA Holdings LLC. Additionally, a U.S.-registered aircraft with the tail number N200VR has been identified as blocked property owned or controlled by 200G PSA Holdings LLC.”


Most strangely, this report notes, when US military intelligence operative Robin Townley went to CIA headquarters last week to continue his investigative, he was shockingly ordered to submit to a security clearance review, in spite of his having maintained for multiple years the highest top-secret clearance rating the US has—and that within 15 minutes, “a hit job from inside the CIA” denied him of.

Within a few hours of the CIA stunningly denying US military intelligence operative Robin Townley a security clearance, this report details, this US spy agency, aided by its mainstream “fake news” media propagandists, began an anonymous press campaign against General Flynn accusing him of having a secret conversation regarding sanctions President Obama had placed on the Federation with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak prior to President Trump taking power—and that the Kremlin strongly denied because it is absurd to think that such a thing could ever be true.


SVR analysts in this report note that for anyone to believe that General Flynn, who was the US militaries top intelligence officer, and while President Obama was still in power, would actually make a call to the Federation Ambassador in the United States to discuss anything illegal, while knowing that all such telephonic communications are recorded by numerous US intelligence agencies, must assuredly believe in fairy tales too.

Most worrisome to the SVR, however, about General Flynn being “illogically/immorally” smeared by the CIA, this report continues, was that yesterday, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) reached out to the White House offering to publically release the entire recording and transcript of this telephonic conversation, proving these accusations to be all lies, the Trump administration adamantly refused and offered no explanation for doing so. [Note: Under Russian law, all parties to state-to-state recorded conversations must be approved by both parties prior to their being publically released.]>


Nearly 3 hours after the White House refused this Kremlin offer to release the exact details of this call, this report continues, General Flynn suddenly resigned his position as Trump’s National Security Advisor—but that was followed, within 30 minutes, by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson placing a “personal/confidential” call directly to President Putin.

Though the exact details of what was discussed between President Putin and Secretary Tillerson remains more highly classified than this general report allows, its important to note that within an hour of its taking place, the Security Council (SC) issued a directive to the SVR that all international security matters previously coordinated with the US National Security Council were to immediately cease and be redirected, instead, to the US State Departments Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR).


Important to note abut the INR, this report explains, is that it’s actually the modern day “form/figure” of the powerful Office of Strategic Services (OSS) that was the wartime intelligence agency of the United States during World War II and was founded on 1 October 1945—and whose names and current number of employees, and its budget, remains one of the most highly classified secrets in American history.

To the SVR’s “knowledge/belief” that General Flynn and US military intelligence operative Robin Townley are now operating within the INR, this report says, appears evident due to the INR urgently requesting SVR “files/documents/etc.” on both Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami and his associate Samark José López Bello just hours ago—thus proving that both Flynn and Townley are now conducting their investigation of the CIA’s partnership with international drug cartels outside of “normal channels”.

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With President Trump now acting outside of his governments “normal channels”, and with Russia’s present leadership having no appetite at all for global instability, this report concludes, America’s new leaders view of himself as a revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America’s “old regime is leading to fears of his downfall (if not an outright assassination)—and whose most comparable Russian figure is Boris Yeltsin—who when faced by his communist enemies, like Trump is today, was impulsive, charismatic, trusting only his family, and ready to bomb the parliament if that worked to cement his hold on power in order to make his country great again.

By: Sorcha Faal


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    I would have my kids out of that school faster than Bill Clinton can drop his pants . this is something that i feel is as unamerican as you can get . I do not want my kids taught to hate and kill people just because they are different and that is all sharia and Muslims are about . killing everyone who believe different than them.these people are satanic if you ask me they don’t believe in god . No god would tell them to do the things they do.!

    • Ormar

      Your religion states no one can go to heaven unless they believe in your God! According to the many Christian beliefs all people before your God was created by man would burn in hell. So all people born before 3500BC and all outside the Palestine area till about 1000 AD were condemned to hell. How is your religion different from the Muslims with your histories?

      • Joel Tompkins

        Before Jesus died for the sins of man God required animal sacrifice to atone for any sins man had committed and then when Jesus died he took that burden away to protect us.

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    they cannot…religion is not allowed in schools…against the law…

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      Yeah but Obama has allowed it we are fighting it but it’s here folks open your eyes.Almost everyone in this government has converted so they do nothing to stop the invasion of the brotherhood.Killary and Obama with the help of Soro has sold us out.And now all we can do is take a stand against them.Yoho has stood behind the president finally being impeached it’s time America stands at takes these people out.ObMa has let the Radical Brotherhood invade us it’s why no matter what we do they don’t impeach him.But we done it so now we need all of America to go to impeach Obama and make that call to your senate last part of his impeachment.pleasemake that call to your congressman now.

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    We were taught this in the 1950’s and 60’s. Critical thinking is not Sharia Law.

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    We, have our own laws, and they have been doing the job for over 200yrs. There can only be one set of laws in our country, our Constitution, has successfully, been our laws. If you, want to practice Sharia Laws, then go back to your own country. We, like our laws, we, don’t want yours. Stop demanding what you, have left in your own country. You, are here now, obey our laws. By the way, take your Muslim, buddy with you. He, doesn’t belong here just like you.

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    TIME TO STOP ALL STATE AND FEDERAL MONEY,,When they decide to live witthin the scope of US law, and not a radical hate law which is centuries out of date of realistic values then the funding might bbe restored

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    This is America I would not let my kids go if it means war then so be it .