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Trump Calls For Bergdahl’s Execution!

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For years, many Americans viewed POW Bowie Bergdahl as a “victim.” They believed that he’d somehow been kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan and taken prisoner against his will.

What most Americans did not know at the time, because every member of Bergdahl’s unit had been forced by the U.S. Government to sign a gag order on the issue, is that Bergdahl was not as innocent as the media had led people to believe. He’d actually willingly left his post, sought out the Taliban to become a POW, and his actions would later result in six American soldiers being killed and many more wounded in their attempt to “rescue” him.

Since Bergdahl’s return to the U.S., made possible by U.S. President Obama trading five of the most deadly terrorists in the world, most of whom have already returned to plotting to kill Americans, the truth has come out, and Bergdahl now stands trial, facing charges of desertion, and if convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump was quite blunt recently when he spoke of Bergdahl and the desertion situation. Frankly, he said Bergdahl should be executed, and believes that had he done the same thing thirty years ago he would have been shot without question.

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  • LeeAnna

    Yes, I would be in an aggreeious with Trump. An AMERICAN shouldn’t do this this backstabbing bullsh-t.