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Feared Knights Templar “Assassins” Reported Now Activated To Aide Trump!!!

An extraordinary new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today about the escalating war being waged by the Pope Francis Vatican-led  Shadow Government” (known as “The Resistance”) against Freemason leader President Donald Trump states that British Freemason forces have now “activated” the most feared assassins in all of known history to come to the aid of their American “brother” currently under siege from these dark, and satanic, forces. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this astonishing paralogized report, Federal Security Service (FSB) religious-occult experts have complied a dossier showing that nearly simultaneously with Pope Frances destroying the Order of Malta (Knights of Malta) for their supporting of Freemason leader President Trump, then installing as its new leader a known Nazi operative, who, in turn, is now pledging this ancient orders allegiance to the globalist elites by stating “We are alarmed and concerned by the proliferation of discriminatory positions towards immigrants, not least, based on their national origin.”, British Freemason forces quickly, and ruthlessly, responded.



To most fully understand this FSB dossier, Security Council intelligence analysts in this report say, one must first know that the Knights Templar have long laid claim to the United States, but whose actual founding was done so by both American and British Freemason forces during the Revolutionary War—but whose truest history first began in 562AD when a massive comet hit Britain nearly destroying the entire world, thus causing the legendary King Arthur to evacuate an estimated 70,000 of his Welsh subjects to the “New World” in order to save humanities most ancient knowledge.

A critical distinction to made between these two ancient, secret, and powerful forces, this report explains, are that while the Freemasons trace their lineage back to the designing the Egyptian Pyramids (and who plotted both the American and French Revolutions), they are separate by age, ritual and time from the Knights Templar, but who “keep their flame alive” through highly secretive organizations such asThe Provincial Priory of Staffordshire and Shropshire of Knight Templar Masonry, established in 1849, in England, that currently boasts 17 Preceptories.



Over the centuries, this report continues, the Freemasons and Knights Templar have established an “extraordinary/amazing” public messaging system between each other comprised of ancient “signs and symbols” not readily able to be deciphered—but that are actually encoded into the very “city hearts” of both London and Washington D.C..

In their having over the past 72 years since the fall of Nazi Germany, in 1945 during World War II, deciphered many of that fascist nations occult secrets and practices , this report notes, FSB (formerly KGB) religious-occult experts in knowing how the Freemasons and Knights Templar communicate with each other became “alarmed/agitated” this past week when after Pope Francis began his destruction of the Knights of Malta for their supporting of Freemason leader President Trump, two seeming nondescript articles appeared in the British press—the first one being that the Gnosall St Lawrence Freemasons Lodge had “flocked to the aid of their feathered friends” at an owl sanctuary in Staffordshire, and the second being three Freemason lodges in Cumbria donating £1,300 to an air ambulance organization.


Freemason Worshipful Master Kevin Shail (left) donating to aid his owl “feathered friends

Freemason Worshipful Masters Andy Dresser (left of young lady) and Bob Reeves (right of young lady) donating to air ambulance service


FSB religious-occult experts in their dossier, this report notes, states that the “owl symbol” message that was publically displayed by these British Freemasons in retaliation to Pope Francis is one of most feared in all of the world—so much so, in fact, that their Freemason “brothers” in the United States secretly encoded it as a “warning” into the United States One Dollar Bill that depicts Master Freemason George Washington (Father of the Country), and that even to today, America’s most powerful banking, corporate and political leaders bow down and worship before in terror should the full power of this “owl message” ever be unleashed upon them.



And as to who is to be feared by this Freemason “owl symbol”, this report continues, are the Knights Templar “Nizari Hashshashin”—that is an Islamic religious sect order of assassins who remain today as one of the most feared groups in all the world—and how the very name of this ancient order became the word used for political killings.

Having formed an alliance with Knights Templar co-founder Hugh de Payens of Burgundy, this report continues, the ancient “killing knowledge” of the Nizari Hashshashin was taught to both Knights Templar and Freemason mercenary soldiers alike—most particularly in the English areas of Staffordshire (where rumors still say the Knights Templar “Holy Grail” is located) and Cumbria, particularly in Temple Sowerby where this village’s association with the Knights Templar gave it the name “Temple”, with Sowerby being a Viking word for “a homestead with poor soil”.


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In fully understanding this FSB dossier complied by their religious-occult experts, this report explains, the Freemason-Knights Templar “message” displayed by these British Freemasons in retaliation against Pope Frances can be read as: “The Knights Templar Nizari Hashshashin have been activated and are even now being flown to the United States to protect Freemason leader President Trump.”

With Ordo Templi Orientis (Gnostic Catholic Church) leader James Wasserman being one of the worlds’s acknowledged experts on the Knights Templar Nizari Hashshashin, this report concludes, his past warnings that should these feared killers ever be unleashed in modern times to protect a Freemason leader it could lead to global war must be seriously heeded, as the “body count” of Freemason leader President Trump’s enemies is now surely about to explode.



From our 21 January report that we believe is worth your remembering:

[Special Message from Sister Saoirse: Though age has dimmed my eyesight, it has not affected my mind, and as a young 18-year-old year novice in 1936, I remember well my distributing our Sorcha Faal pamphlets in my small German village of Remagen warning of the strange and satanic rituals being performed by many of our military and political leaders.  No one would believe such outlandish things as they were impossible to imagine, just like this report is, and the others below are too.  So please let me advise you that just because a thing is too astonishing to believe, it does not make it untrue.  My country learned this lesson much too late, yours doesn’t have to.] [Critical Notice: Recent reports are showing that the satanic Nazi occult rituals referenced by Sister Saoirse in her 21 January message have now been revived within the German military forces.]


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 By: Sorcha Faal