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CIA-Linked Reporter Summoned To Meet Trump After Assassination Attempt!!!

Another astonishing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today on the ongoing CIA-led “Deep State” coup on behalf of the “elite globalist forces” battling to the death against President-elect Donald Trump says that as this internal US civil war is reaching its “maximum moment of crisis”, Trumpian forces have suffered two critical assassination casualties—Roger Stone, who has been acting as Trump’s strategic war leader, and Udo Ulfkotte, who this past year exposed the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) total control over all of the Western mainstream media.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this report, top Trump war aide Roger Stone is a veteran of nine US presidential campaigns and served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents, most importantly President Richard Nixon who was ousted in coup by these CIA-led “Deep State” forces in the early 1970’s—but who (Stone) after, and during, his and Wikileaks warning President-elect Trump that the Obama regime was destroying massive amounts of public records, barely survived an assassination attempt from a radioactive substance that was injected into his body.



Top German reporter Udo Ulfkotte who this past year shockingly revealed that all Western mainstream media is completely fake (“We all lie for the CIA”) and was banned from Facebook this past July for his exposing the plot behind Chancellor Angela Merkel’s flooding his nation with Islamic radicals, this report continues, had been summoned by President-elect Trump for a private meeting—but when he failed to make his Friday evening (13 January) flight to New York City, was shortly thereafter discovered dead in his home—and that German authorities promptly ruled was due to a heart attack, conducted no autopsy, and then quickly cremated his body.



With President Putin yesterday comparing the CIA-led “Deep State” coup against President-elect Trump to the neo-Nazi “Maidan Coup” that overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine, and that the private global intelligence giant Stratfor (the “Shadow CIA) called “the most blatant coup in history”, SVR analysts in this report note, Bush-Clinton-Obama regime forces fearing a quick Trumpian retaliation have secreted away their “Nazi spiritual leader”, former President and CIA Director George H.W. Bush—but that US propaganda “fake news” mainstream media is reporting has been hospitalized.



Critical to note about this “Deep State” leader George H.W. Bush, this report explains, is that his Nazi war criminal father, Prescott Bush, led the satanic group of American bankers and industrialists who in 1933 attempted their “Business Plot Coup” against President Franklin Roosevelt in their bid to join the United States with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany—but in having failed due to the quick actions of the heroic US Marine General Smedley Butler, then turned to financing Hitler’s evil regime, even into the depths of World War II.

Though kept from the knowledge of the American people by their anti-Christ demonic “Deep State” globalist overlords, this report further details, George H.W. Bush has forged a trail of death and horror through history nearly unmatched in modern times—and that includes his masterminding the 1963 public execution of President John F. Kennedy, the 1981 assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan, the illegal 1989 invasion of Panama, the illegal 1990 Gulf War that was based on lies, the totally fabricated 11 September 2001 terror attacks, and the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq, to just name a few.

As the masses of American people have been shielded by their “Deep State” masters from knowing that over 73,000 of their brave US soldiers died because of George H.W. Bush’s illegal 1990 war in Iraq, and that his son’s, George W. Bush, illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq has killed, at least, 4 million Muslim peoples, this report grimly notes, there are unable to comprehend what President-elect Trump is doing to prevent these monsters from going forward with their still un-sated bloodlust against all humankind.



Even more astounding to note, this report concludes, is that these American people have become so deluded and manipulated by their “Deep State” masters, that even now their most leftist liberal’s peoples, who used to mock and deride their rightist conservative fellow citizens for fearing and preparing for Obama’s “FEMA Camps, are now themselves getting ready for the “Trumpocalypse by buying guns, ammunition, and prepping supplies before they’re all killed by Trump—without any of them (right or left) failing to note the significance of President-elect Trump’s allies within the CIA releasing, just hours ago, over 12 million once secret documents proving, once and for all, how truly evil and demonic these globalist elites actually are—and that can be viewed by anyone going HERE so that they can search and discover these horrible truths for themselves.


 By: Sorcha Faal